Creative Futures week 2018


On Monday the 26th of February our creative futures week started, Creative futures week is a week full of useful lectures from all sorts of different people.


26th of February 2018

Owning and loving your creative future and why it is so important

we were greeted to creative futures week 2018 and it was mentioned that its the 10th anniversary.

We were told the importance of the arts and that we should engage with other peoples experiences, we also need to ask ourselves ‘what does my future look like?’

We are living in a connected community, a connection of artistic people all with similar thoughts, opinions, even differing ones. There is a mass culture nowadays and there’s a range of activities.

we will fail but we will also succeed.

Shani Rhys James- A painters life

she was a grad in 1976

got a gold medal in 1992

wanted to experiment

career of an artist was difficult back then, had to cross experiences, worked with actors and usede unusuall materials and thin washes of colour. she was inspired by her life.



Go wales

Gill Hewitt, project officer, funded project- welsh government, gained meaningful work had a small team, lots of contacts but unpaid.

funding available, networking plus CV and pennies to help you. you can earn whilst doing work experience and can develop skills, there is also guidance for future career.

Tim Burke- Animators anonymous

15-20 years in animation

wasn’t always in the spotlight, does film and games

animation is art! there are loads of paths in animation, the artist comes last unless you put your foot down, there’s traditional animation.

freelance north wales can help,

lived in berlin, was offered job from a friend, had no show reel but had skills in animation, met an employer wanting an animator. 1 week on show reel, became lead animator on a game version of school for little vampires.




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