Creating my set

For my set for my work David jones created a wooden set layout for me which had a middle section to it which gave a almost cut out/pop out effect. I spent 2 weeks with the help of my partner to paint these sets, for my other set I recycled a pre-loved set which used to be a bedroom. My partner stripped the posters of the walls and then got to work painting it white to create a blank canvas as it was previously blue.



What was once a bedroom was now a vibrant woodland path in the sunset. After creating almost a colour by number but with letters on the set my partner got to work colouring this set in under my instruction. He did a great job and I’m so happy with how this set worked out.

Next was my set which has become my pride and joy, I spent longer then I should of painting it but I get a huge joy from creating sets and I was in love with this set. I painted it to look like a clearing painting the cut-out trees in the middle deep browns with blooming green leaves and in the distance you can see the thicket of trees with only slight hints of sky showing through the trees in places. Once id finished painting this set I got to work adding elements of props including the hand painted bushes id painted and bits of moss and static grass, I finally added some white and yellow flowers on the floor and my set was done.



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