Creating my characters: Armature process


To create my characters armatures I had to start off with all the basics, I needed

  • Pliers
  • Adhesive
  • lollypop sticks
  • scrap cardboard
  • Hand saw
  • copper tubes
  • metal wire
  • modelling tools
  • sculpty
  • milliput
  • Filers

I started off by measuring all the copper tubing to my drawings of their skeletons then I cut the pieces to size using the hand saw.31841511_1924471177587435_8134047955540770816_n31870519_1924471250920761_645608050731778048_n31882939_1924471114254108_9032858325670166528_n31890687_1924471140920772_1644141866347659264_n31907373_1924471344254085_3927336172979748864_n

While using the hand saw I even had a mishap of my own and sliced into my finger causing it to be plastered for the following two weeks.


Next I glued all the pieces together with the adhesive glue, I used a very strong glue which comes in two tubes one is A and the other is B and once you mix them together you can apply them to the tubes and fit the wiring in and I did this process 3 times for each character.


Next with David jones help I made the feet for my characters, David cut little metal plates for the bottom of their feet, this is so when it came to me animating the metal plates would stick to the magnets under the animator tables and make it so my characters would stand upright easier.


Then it came to me making their heads which I decided to create out of sculpty. Sculpty is great for modelling and its very malleable but then you have to bake it for it to be rock hard and sometimes once its hard it can be very fragile.31944047_1924471224254097_252274357353578496_n31902166_1924471380920748_5603292975212789760_n31911883_1924471190920767_6898030224009592832_n

Once the heads were done after id moulded the Sculpty with my modelling tools and they’d been baked, I waited for them to cool down then I started painting them with acrylic paint. I did not use water colour, I learnt my lesson from that in previous years as water colour runs when it gets mixed with sweat (uck)


next I used foam and sponge and a strong glue to give my armatures some padding so they weren’t all skin and bone. then I used a pair of scissors to cut the foam and sponge down to shape.


when I made their sponge I also created another ball of model but this time out of milliput, milliput dries itself over 3 hours and goes rock solid over night, I turned these balls in to chests and stuck them on my armatures. this was to help movement when it came to filming as when I’m moving them because of this hard lump of milliput as a chest their chest wont be moving in and out like it would be if it was foam.

Once this was complete I started sewing their clothes, I made all of their clothes myself and by hand except the ass’s onesie under her dress which my partner helped me to sew.


Below are my finished characters Mr lion, Mr fox and Miss Ass which I created from scratch and by hand, I am very proud of my work even though I had a few glitches along the way such as miss Ass’s ear falling off or working to a short work schedule but I got there in the end and I love my characters.



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