My chosen idea and how it relates to relevant theoretical issues and debates

My chosen idea is Aesop’s fables. I chose to create a short stop motion film based on Aesop’s fables because of how much I can connect to the stories. This is because each of the stories in this collection have morals, each story teaches a lesson.

My chosen fable from this collection is The ass, the fox and the lion. I decided to re-create this fable in my own way because I can relate to it. The moral behind this story is “Traitors must expect treachery.“

I can relate to this on a personal level as it’s a rule I live by, If you can betray someone, expect someone to betray you. I believe in being loyal. Throughout history traitors have always had traitors follow soon behind.

I feel my project can relate to issues in the present day because it will teach the audience a lesson on how to treat people. I find nowadays that sometimes people can be quick to stab others in the back if they see it as a gain for themselves but something they do not always see coming is the after effect it could have on them. If you can betray someone for your own gain then expect others to be able to do it to you too.



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