Creating my Characters and character movements

When creating My fox character I wanted to see what style would work best. Cartoon or realistic, but I also wanted him to be Anthropomorphic.



I chose not to go with this design as I felt it was too realistic and not simple enough for me to create as a model.


I felt this design was too animal like and too simple.


I decided to go with this design as it loosely suited the gothic look I was going for and it was simple but captivating.


To create my lion I wanted to keep it in style with my fox. I wanted it to be slightly dark but also simplistic. As my lion will be the bad guy I wanted to give him some props to help identify him from the others, I went for a pipe a monocle and a top hat where as the others only wear clothes. I took my inspiration from classical gangsters and morphed it into my own design.


This was too animal like and very simple

ghjgThis was my chosen design, it fitted what I wanted and matches the fox design, I also kept this in mind when choosing the design for my ass.

The hardest part about creating my ass for my story was whether I should make it a him or her. As the other two characters are male I had to consider whether I should add a female character to appeal to my audience.

I decided to make her female. So I chose the character on the left of this picture.


next I drew some character movements to get a feel of how they can move to represent humans and animals.

dfgfdmove 2move 3



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