My specialist study

For my specialist study I have created a short stop motion film based on romance to fit in with our module which was ‘Emotional ties’. I have chosen to do a stop motion as it is something I am very passionate about, I want to improve in this area and hopefully I can get better with every movie I make.

I chose to do a romantic film as romance is a major part of everyday life and how it ties people together both emotionally and physically. peoples lives become entwined and there’s usually no better feeling in my opinion when you get that feeling that you’ve found the one. 

I have always enjoyed romance novels and films from greats such as Romeo and Juliet (although tragic) it is the beauty of the love shown that drives the story, to films such as  The notebook and greats like Love actually, my list could go on forever. You see romance everyday on TV or when your out about, no matter where you may go, love follows.

When I was given this module it gave me a chance to express my creativity and to expand my ideas in this area.

For my project I wanted to create two characters from scratch, one male and one female. I decided to name them Lawrence and Diana after my late grandparents and I had the idea to make a romantic story based on Lawrence trying to win Diana’s heart when he saw her pass him everyday. I decided to name my film ‘Diana’ as she was the main reason for the story in the first place and the main protagonist.

I wanted Lawrence to try a new gift each day to try win her over going from flowers to chocolate and then when he was close to giving up I wanted him to try one last trick as he loves her so much he’d be lost without her. So he try’s serenading her with his guitar. Again she walks away but just before he loses hope she comes back with her own gifts for him and the film ends with them finally in each others arms.

I am quite inspired with silent movies and some of my favourite old stop motions one example being ‘the cameraman’s revenge’ by Ladislas Starevich really inspired me to create my own and what more perfect then a romance to create it with.

This was something I have never done before but I feel I have learnt a lot from it and it has opened my eyes to what I can create in the future.

My following blog entry’s will show my process, how I created my set and models and my journey as a whole.



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