My inspirations for my project

Ladislas Starevich

Starevich has always been a huge inspiration of mine but for this project especially. One of his films which sticks with me is ‘The cameraman’s revenge’ and the way it is done is a silent movie. This inspired my choice to create mine as a silent movie.

There’s the link to the film.


Georges Melie’s

I have always been intrigued by this mans short silent films. I think they are some of the most important first films in history because of the imagination that went into creating his ideas. Although it is not stop motion, it inspired me down the path of silent film making, there’s something magical about them.

“The Astronomer’s Dream” 1898-

“A Trip to the Moon” 1902-

Charlie Chaplin

This is a wonderful example of silent films and it never gets old to watch them. I’ve always enjoyed watching his silent movies.

“The Circus” 1928-

“Police” 1916-

“The bank” 1915-




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