Creating my models and set

To begin with I had to create the skeletons for my models and the concept art for my set. For the skeletons I had to do this so I could see exactly how I was going to build it, I also made it to the exact measurement so when I was creating the skeleton for my model I can compare it to my drawing. It makes the process easier as you have in front of you what you need to create.


The next process was to start building my skeleton, I used two 2p pieces as the breast plate and the hip bone and I used meatal wires for the body limbs as they are flexible and perfect for moving characters. to join the metal wires I used small metal cylinder pieces which I then glued bit by bit to create the skeletol figure. It was Diana I crafted first and I made her head and hands out of sculpt which you mould into shape then you need to bake it in a oven for it to harden. I also made Diana some breasts as I wanted her to be a confident beautiful woman showing off some cleavage in her clothes.

diana's skeleton

the next step was to surround the skeleton in foam which you can then trim down to size as it helps pad the body out under clothes so they don’t actually look like their skeletons. As I had created breasts for my character I had to leave a hole in the foam where they could be glued after they had been baked.


After the foam was put on it was time for me to bring some life to Diana and I painted her body parts. Even though my story was a romance I wanted to get creative with my style and I made my characters slightly comical in their facial expressions. The big eyes is something I have loved putting onto my characters since I first started doing stop motion last year.

diana colour

This is a picture showing my model in comparison to my set which this was when it was first built, with the help of one of my tutors.

diana and set

This was when id just started creating my set, painting it and making the café sign and id even cut out fabrics to make netting and curtains for the windows. Here you can also see Lawrence who was in full swing production by this point, he just needed painting and his clothes making. Lawrence’s face and hands were created using Milliput which is different to sculpty as you have to mould it and wait for 2-3 hours for it to harden and then over night it goes rock solid. Here you can also see that I had started sewing Diana’s clothes.

diana and lawrence set

And this is a picture of Lawrence and Diana, completely painted and wearing clothes and ready to start filming, they just had to wait for the set to be finished. Another thing I should note that to make it so the models can stand up and held in place when filming I had metal plates stuck to the bottom of these guys shoes so that the magnets in the stop motion room under the table where the sets go can hold them up.

lawrence and diana finished

This is the pictures of my set, set up in the stop motion animation room, it just needed the finishing touches adding.

And Waa Laa! Fini!

set finished

I added green fabric to make grass, paper painted to create pebble-dash path, plastic flowers, little jars from craft shop filled with coloured fabric and flower beds made out of card and painted as well as wooden birdcage theme shutters painted green. I also made two mini heart shaped trees to stand either side of the door.

A lot of work went into this project and I am very happy with the outcome, I still hope to improve but it has given me a taste of what I can achieve.



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