Personal Work 2016-2017

Here is some of my own work I have created. It is not work related and is just some of the work I get up to at home or in my spare time.



This was the first piece I did starting in 2017. I wasn’t 100% sure what I was drawing, I created it in the heat of the moment. I think its a symbol of friendship. From my own experience when you feel low and lonely and suddenly someone comes along and picks you back up again and helps you realise that life is what you make it.




This piece as you can tell by the mask in the picture is inspired from the phantom of the opera. For reference to help me with this watercolour I used the 25th anniversary version of the phantom of the opera. Ramin Karimloo as the phantom and Sierra Boggess as Christine. I also added Roses as its one of the symbols from Phantom of the opera and the blue background fits with the album cover of the opera.



Harley Quinn- suicide squad version.

Personally I’m not a huge fan of this version of Harley Quinn although I’m glad in the film it explains why she appears like this with the fact that she changes out of the asylum gear and has a limited choice of clothing. But my preference is the old style Quinn wearing her joker outfit (Red and black) as its more traditional and not as tacky looking as this more updated version. But I drew this for someone’s birthday as well as uploading it to Facebook and my blog as other people seem to take to this version more then others (I wonder why). So this is referenced from Margot Robbie who played Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.



Friends Portrait.

One of my friends asked me to do a portrait of her so I did so using pencil and a black pen to highlight it.


deadpool c


I love dead pool, he is one of my favourite marvel Anti-heroes’. He’s just pretty awesome and the film is very funny in my opinion. I also love his fascination with unicorns so I even added in a kawaii unicorn chibi. I created this using pencil and black pen to highlight then I coloured it in with coloured pencils.


RedHood and Let down your hair.

Who doesn’t like fairy tales, These are two of my interpretations of two famous fairy tales, (Left) Red riding hood which I named RedHood and (Right) Rapunzel that I named Let down your hair. I have always been fascinated with fairy tales from the original dark ones to Disney’s light hearted versions. I hope to continue these as the year progresses and do more like this and even some of my own interpretations of Disney princesses but probably with a gothic, eery but charming twist.


Alternative models

One of my biggest passions has been creating artwork based on alternative models I find, I love their fashion, their hair styles and the weird different things they wear and props they have. I also like the many toned gothic themes or kawaii themes they all seem to sprout. These are two of my favourite ones I have created this year.



Self Portrait

I usually avoid creating self portraits. I prefer to draw other people and animals but I got up the courage and created this self portrait using one of my Halloween make up test photo’s as reference. It was created using pencil and colouring pencils and a black pen for eyeliner.



David Mitchell and Robert Webb

Its safe to say I have a slight obsession with peep show. I have it playing in the background when I do my university work, I go to sleep listening to it most nights and I must of watched each season on repeat well over 10 times just in 2017. It wouldn’t of been right not to include this portrait I did of the two main actors behind peep show in my blog. Their show helps me get through homework.



Cabaret Girl

Similar to alternative models, I love to draw any form of dancing people too such as girls from musicals and especially Cabaret girls, I love the outfits and usually the styles and it gives me so much to work with in my art. I will admit this sketch is not one of my personal best but it is one that I created this year, I know her thighs are too big but this was done to try and play with perspective as she is supposed to be lounging in the chair. It is a mistake I will work on in future artwork.



Priscilla- Dark souls

I created this piece for my boyfriend as he is a huge fan of the Dark souls franchise and has played and completed each one. When asked who was one of his favourite girl characters from the franchise he gave me the name Priscilla who is a human crossed with a dragon and she’s one of the main Npc’s in the game. It was created with graphic pencils and is supposed to look slightly cartoon like.



Pokémon- Eeveelutions

I have always been a fan of the Pokémon franchise and I own a lot of the games, I even have a old Gameboy with Pokémon blue at home. But as well as Pikachu and ponyta/rapidash one of my all time favourite Pokémon’s is the mammalian Pokémon Eevee and it evolutions. So this was a tribute I did to the cute rabbit, fox, dog and cat mix Pokémon.




This was a very quick sketch and colour I created and again it was in the heat of the moment and I don’t really know who it is and why I drew it. I named it drift because of the way it looks as if the wind is drifting through her. Its supposed to be slightly dark and a little bit creepy due to her unemotional expression and the fact that you cant see her eyes.


As the year goes on I will be updating this article regularly with new artwork as well as any artwork I come across from previously.


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