Influences 2017 On-Going

Influences this year

                                                                       Tim Burton

Images shown below consist of Corpse Bride, Alice in wonderland, The nightmare before Christmas and Dark shadows.

Tim Burton has always been one of my major influences from the moment I first watched The nightmare before Christmas . The style of his characters drew me in. My influence from these characters has led to some of my own designs for my own characters in my stop motion work. As the years go on my appreciation for how much work must go into these films grow. Even though The nightmare before Christmas sprung my thoughts into wanting to go into creating stop motion work it was not the first of Tim Burtons work I came across, I first stumbled onto his website and came across stain boy. All his characters intrigued me and I researched more into him and his work and realised that he’d created loads of things that I liked and the more of his drawn and stop motion things I watched and learned about the more I wanted to go down the same path. The colours he uses and the shapes fit together. His work is gothic and Victorian almost but a few with a modern twist. His live films intrigue me more and I love how Johnny Depp and Helena Carter are used throughout many of his films. This being because Helena was his partner for a time and Johnny Depp is the god father to his and her children, I like how they seem to have a connection and its even noticeable within the films themselves. I like to use Tim Burton as influence in much of my own artwork and design of my characters and I will continue to delve more into each of his films new and old as time goes on.

Below is a screenshot of stain boy on Tim burtons website, its interactive and to navigate you have to control stain boy and literally walk round the website.


Below is the link to Tim Burtons website;

                                                                     Henry Selick

Images below consist of Coraline, The fox and the hound, The nightmare before Christmas and James and the giant peach.

What many people don’t think of when they think of The nightmare before Christmas is Henry Selick and its a shame as he was a huge part of it too, Selick was the director. Another mistake people make often is thinking Coraline is Tim Burtons also as it is not, Selick made the screen play and directed this movie but because of the style and characters people still associate it with Tim Burton especially as it says on the cover from the director of Nightmare before Christmas as many people still think Tim Burton directed that film. But Henry Selick stepped out from Burtons shadow when doing Coraline and Coraline was a huge step in stop motion using computer graphics in it. Henry Selick was also a main animator in Disney’s the fox and the hound. One of Henry Selick main animations which got him out of his shell was James and the giant peach which was created in 1996 and is a British-American musical family film. It was another film he did with Burton as it was produced by Tim Burton. Henry Selick is another huge influence for me because of his style and way of working. I hope to look more into Selick in the future.

Below is a link to the Coraline website

This is another website that is interactive and you can have a closer look at the work that went into coraline as well as traveling round a mini virtual map of the place coraline is set in.

                                                                          Ladislas Starevich

Images below consist of Cameraman’s revenge and The tale of the fox.


Starevich has been a big influence to me in stop motion for many years now. When I first started looking into what branch of animation I wanted to do I first came across his work and it made me intrigued into what you can accomplish through stop motion. I love how original his work is and what drew me in is how he first came to start doing what he is now known for which is using real (dead) insects as puppets. In brief he wanted to record how stag beetle battled but under the extreme heat and light from the set he’d made the stag beetles he had to record died and this happened a few times until he realised it was easier to use the dead ones and make puppets out of them to re-act what the live ones were doing and thus started his stop motion career of using dead insects in his films. One of my favourite’s being The cameraman’s revenge . One of his most Surreal piece’s which got a lot of attention is The tale of the fox which is a story about a fox who keeps tricking and fooling everyone until the king who is a lion gets that many complaints that the fox is arrested and brought in front of the throne. His style with its quirky feel has always made me love it and it brings a sense of nostalgia that grips me every time. Considering some of his work was some of the first stop motion out there at the time with work going as far back as 1912 he is truly an inspiration to me and other stop motion artists.

below is a link to a website I found with more information about Ladislas Starevich


                                                                        Paul Berry

The sandman film below 1991

To begin with Paul Berry worked on Cosgrove Hall’s Wind In The Willows and then went on to directing The sandman, Which was nominated for an Oscar. The sandman did win the Craft Prize for Best Animation at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Paul Berry had also worked on pieces such as The nightmare before Christmas and James and the giant peach. Sadly in 2001 Berry died from a brain tumour.


This is a Australian short stop motion animation created by Christopher Kezelos and produced by Christine Kezelos.

I have put this short film into my influence blog as this film is a good example of a short stop motion film. The first time I watched this it made me quite emotional. Its story is full of slight tonal racism and gets points across that anyone and everyone is special in their own way and no one person is better then the rest. Its an emotional story that tells its story through a narrator with very little noises from zero and his companions.


This is a short stop motion written, designed and directed by Tim Burton. It was one of Tim Burtons poems much like The nightmare before Christmas was. This short film was produced by Rick Heinrichs and was narrated by Vincent Price. This is one of my favourite short films as I love how its read out as a poem and the stop motion goes in time with the poem. Its slightly aimed at children but has a very dark undertone as does most of Burtons work and its this fact that makes me relate to them so much.


When researching stop motion shorts I came across this little piece created by Hasani Walker. They have their own YouTube account where they upload their artwork to and I watched this and was quite taken with it as its along a similar type of style I’m going for in my own work. Its quite dark and eery and gets to the point quite quickly. Its also got abit of a jump scare at the end. I like the way they’ve made their character simple and how they created the mouth movements and its given me ideas for my own work in the future.

                                                               Sledge Hammer

Although this isn’t exactly a film and its a music video I still added it into my list of influences as I think this is a great example of stop motion as its him using himself as well as other objects and an array of items to create this amazing stop motion video especially considering it was made in 1986.

                                                 Not Your fault by Awolnation

Another music video example but its so great I cant miss this out on my list. Again with the same principle its done so the main guy is videoed in stop motion as well as the objects around him. But what I like most about this video is how they have Claymation puppets done of themselves which are animated in their own little stories to go with the video.

                                                              Long live the bull

Long live the bull is a very old Chinese Claymation film and was animated by joseph sunn in 1926. I like how simple this is and the more I research into stop motion films the more I am drawn to the silent movie types such as this one and many others. There’s something about them that makes them have more character and their more intriguing. Not that others aren’t just as good but the silent ones focus more on sound and music to match what the characters are doing and this seems to add a little magic into it.

                                                   The mysterious Stranger

This is a very eerily strange short stop motion animation from The adventures of mark twain. It is also a novel but this is the 1986 Claymation film adaption. I’m influenced by its vivid colours and how it plays out like a children’s show.


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