Global Game Jam 2017

On Friday the 20th January 2017 at 5:00pm to Sunday the 22nd January 2017 at 5:00pm I attended the annual Global game jam that takes place at my university. I attended it last year as you’ll find at this link below if your interested to see what I got up to last year;

This year I participated with three of my friends that also do the same course as me, after finding out what our theme for this year was which was


We decided to create a strategy board game instead of creating a computer based game. This was because we wanted to be more hands on with our project and create all the artwork by hand and then in the future be able to take the game with us and play it in person. We named it

Treasure chase: Survival at sea

This is an image of our board that I created by hand using cardboard for the base and paper then drawing out the board and colouring it in.


We thought the idea of our game would fit in with the theme due to the fact that our entire game was based at sea including the cards and the tokens.

For more information on our game and also where you can print the game off yourself please visit the link below which will take you to this page;

screen shot of game page.png

For our game we made characters. We wanted our characters to fit in with the theme and our game as well so we all created characters that you’d expect to be in the ocean.


A captain, the only human out of the characters, a fish that’s half man and an anthropomorphic dolphin. My character that I created was Aqua Maurina who is a mermaid


One of the main reasons for me creating Aqua was so there could be a main female character. Its also a character that can appeal to girls and boys.

Below is a picture of the key I created to help with the board game


These icons on the key is to help people pinpoint what things mean on the board. It helps people identify key areas.


These are the tokens, the white tokens with the red cross are used so players know which islands have been discovered. The yellow tokens are the treasure tokens, these are what players aim of the game is to find these and take them back to base and the coloured tokens are the character tokens and each one matches the colour of their character.

Below are the danger cards, When and if someone lands on a danger tile on the board they have to pick up one of these cards which have different consequences.

I created the Siren, Kraken, Cannibal, Whale, Hippocampus and the rainstorm danger cards.

Below are some of the treasure and island cards me and my teammates created

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

these were used for when someone landed on a island and if they got a treasure island.

Below is the event cards, if someone lands on an event tile on the board they would pick up a card and it would have something happen depending what card they picked up.

event card.png

You could also need to pick up an event card for going certain ways on the board.

Below are the card backs I designed for the danger cards as we gave each set of cards their own card back to identify them by and each one of us created one.


The game jam is a great experience and the friends and people you meet during this weekend is a big part of what makes it wonderful. Everyone works hard and everyone’s games no matter how good or big are special as we all take part in this as a group and our university takes part along with many other university’s all over the world.

Below is my team and I posing for our group photo in the room we were using (we had a whole room to ourselves to spread out over to do our game)


Below is the group photo that was taken at the end of the game jam on Sunday evening.



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