Practice in context-Social Campaign.

To start off this project we were given our first assignment which was to create ideas and concepts that could make an animatic for a short video of one of the following;

  • Social Campaign/Advert
  • Informing the public of an issue
  • A community based project
  • Educational Prototype

I am t use a variety of media and methods to help me with my task, I need to think about my audience and what is being communicated through my video.

After doing my research on all the different roots I could take this assignment I decided on creating a social campaign on something I’m passionate about.

This being Animal testing in the cosmetics field.15978900_1310635182345091_1747121169_n

(tutors) refer to sketch book.

I also looked at what company’s do and don’t do animal testing for their makeup and I’ve found out nearly all big brands do animal testing and most of them don’t even tell you they do.


I then moved on to see what logo’s we can trust that don’t support or use animal testing and these below are what are animal cruelty free (that have the bunny logo)

The ones to be careful of are the ones that say “100% vegan” or “100% cruelty-free” as these can be used by anyone and some products that label this even though their main makeup is cruelty free their by-products are not as it could be their supplier that have used animal testing.


So if your passionate about not using animal tested products! Look for the bunny logo’s or the flower logo.










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