Personality Animation

For my personality Animation I decided to use a rabbit as my subject rather then a person. I chose this so I could loosely base my animation on my campaign project.

Rather then making my animation completely relate to my campaign I subtly hinted at my previous project by using;

  • New Zealand white rabbit
  • The story, small bits of the story of the animation relate to my animatic as there’s a sense of safety at the beginning then towards the end there’s a hint of danger.

For my research I looked up loads of images of baby rabbits, adult rabbits and I even studied videos of peoples rabbits moving around on YouTube. This was to help me access their movements better and see how they act when they move around.

LINK , LINK and LINK to images. Link, and LINK to couple of research videos I used from YouTube.

I used all this research while I was drawing my frames. I ended up with near enough 140 frames for this short animation.



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