Personality Animation-Final piece.

This is my final piece for the personality animation LINK.

What went well;

  • Movements, I’m happy how it turned out as I’ve owned rabbits in the past and it seems it moves like how a real rabbit would.
  • Colour scheme, I kept it simple but enough to make it gripping.
  • Character, I think my rabbit looks a lot like a new Zealand white rabbit, the identity is there.
  • Fits criteria.
  • Story, I like how I made it loosely relate to my Campaign as the two videos can go together to tell a story.

What could I improve;

  • If I had more time I would of made it slightly longer as I feel the video is over pretty quick.
  • There’s a mistake I noticed on one of the frames where you can still see a outline of the animation box that you use to size your image to fit the camera so in future I will be careful to triple check my frames.


I really enjoyed doing this project and I hope my work will make people aware of what they spend their money on and if they know what happens in the process.

My aim isn’t to try and order everyone not to buy certain brands of makeup or to try and preach not to buy products but rather to inform the public to make sure they know what their buying before they spend money.

Enjoy =]



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