My Green Screen Project and how I made it

For this project we were given the task where we had to create a video of ourselves or another on a green screen then edit it and put ourselves in a different place.

I chose to walk round on the green screen and look as if I was walking around thinking. The green screen was layed out in a huge quiet room which had a huge bracket on the ceiling with many lights attached to it. We had to have a few of us in the room at any one time because of the risk of danger in case the lights weren’t lowered properly and someone had to watch the door when the lights were being lowered to stop anyone from walking in just in case something went wrong. So health and safety played a big role while we were in this room.

Not my photo:


Before we filmed we had a lesson where we went to sit in the green screen room and we had a quick health and safety talk off one of the tutors there that works in that room and we got given a piece of paper to sign before we used the room.

When the first group of us that were using the room went in we decided to go in pairs where we took in turn to film the person and then they’d film you. I did this with my friend will, I filmed him walking around with his prop that he’d brought then he filmed me walking round. We had to stick to a certain perimeter unless we wanted to go off screen so I had a practice first to see how far I could walk without going out of the camera’s view.

Not my photo:



I edited my green screen on after effects, after importing it I went to Effect-Keying (1.2) and I made sure I had my footage selected then I used the button that says screen colour in the left hand side panel then I tried to click as close to my figure as I good as you want to try and get as much black as you can round your person or whatever it is that you green screen. Then I used the screen gain glider to get it so it gets rid of the grey parts and mine settled around 118 then I used the screen balance which ended up around 80 until my green screen had disappeared completely leaving behind a blackness where the green was. I then got my image that I wanted to use for my background which was a alien like planet as my theme was again unrealistic but more other worldly now.

This is an example, not my image:


After this process was done I had to find what image I wanted in this case it was a fantasy planet island image.

This is the image I used.


Then I imported it and used it as my background. As my figure compared to the background was too big, I resized my footage so it looks like I’m walking on the planet (black shadow areas) at the beginning of my video there’s a bit where I look at the side turn away then look quickly back so I added a star that appears for the time I look at it.

Below is the star giff I used, I cut round it with the pen tool so its just the star that you can see and not the background.


Then I wondered what else I could add and decided to overlap my video with something so I chose stars to fill the whole screen so it looked like there were loads of glowing orbs around the island.

Below is the type of stars that were in the giff that I used to create the star effect.


After id sorted the background I wanted to play around with the idea of my scene a bit more so I decided to try and add eyes that were blinking from the darkness on the floor. After researching images I decided to choose cat eyes as they almost have a glow like effect about them plus I thought the contrast between the eyes and the darkness complimented each other.

The cat eyes I used:


Something I did that I don’t think worked very well was I added a running horse giff and made it faint in the background. even though it achieved what I wanted it to, it was a bit too much so I think if I was to do this again I would stop with the eyes and not add anymore giff’s.

This is a similar giff to the one I used in my project.


I made it faint to try and give it a ghost like effect.

With all the giff’s and images I used in this project I found it easiest to cut them with a pen in aftereffects straight from importing them as I could workout where I wanted them all to go. Last but not least I decided not to add music as I felt by doing so it would ruin what I had.

If I would of had more time I may of added sounds like sparkling sounds or ocean waves crashing against the beach but I did not feel it necessary to include music.


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