My Final piece for composition

This is the LINK to my final piece for my composition project for my visual effects class.

Our task was to create a short film clip where we composite the background or parts of the video to look totally different to the original based on a theme.

What I think went well:

  • The theme; I think the theme worked well with the task.
  • The choice of images; After searching I think I found the right images for the task at hand, they were simple but once put together they played the part well.
  • The finished piece; It worked way better then I originally thought it would. At first I wasn’t sure how id start my theme never mind finish it but after id put the whole thing together I think it does everything the brief asks it to.

What could be improved:

  • The music; Nothings wrong with the music itself, It fits the video and the setting well but when I imported it and added it to the video from audacity I noticed once id opened it that the music was quieter then I would of wanted. So if I was to change anything I would make the all round volume of the music for it louder.

This is the LINK to the music that I used for my video, I used the bit that starts at 4:06. My partner created this cover piece from the popular game Undertale.


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