My composition Project

At the start of my visual effects course when we started back this year, we were told about our upcoming project which would be Foundation In Compositing. Compositing is the final stage of visual effects, After all other componants have been completed through different processes e.g Main photography shot, secondary shot or aquired, The CGI has been rendered in a 3D program and matte painting completed. Then compositing is the next stage. Compositing is the process of bringing everything together into a final squence. Its the mould that holds the entirety together.

We were told to borrow cameras over a weekend period and shoot our piece of film, it had to have movement in it so you could tell it was video footage and you had to be careful not to get your head or other things and objects overlapping the part of the footage that would be edited.

I started by brainstorming ideas, What topic could I base mine on? Where should I film it? Should it be syfy based or mythical? How long should it be?

Well after drawing a image on a piece of paper as a start to my project I then found time to shoot it. My original plan was to go to a park not that far away from the town where I live, But last second as I put my foot out the door and felt the wind on my cheek, the sky above the houses caught my attention, The way the sky met the roof of the houses sparked an idea in my brain. So I decided to film it on my neighbourhood. My boyfriend helped me out by keeping the tripod still and pressing the button on camera to record me walking up the street. I also tried filming from a different angle of me walking up from a set of houses but it did’nt work out well as I ended up laughing due to a person stareing at me through a window and my head also went over the sky which was the element I was wanting to edit.

So I settled with the recording of me walking up the street which suited what I was going for. After finishing my film I edited it in University using after effects and Photoshop.




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