How I created my composition

Here are the steps I took to create my composition;

First of all I started by importing my video into after effects, I then pulled the video into the editing section to display it. Then I searched google for images Id want to use in my video. Since I had chosen a fantasy theme I searched and found a bright majestic unrealistic but beautiful sky that I thought would suit my theme. I also added an effect to the sky to make it darker then the original image as it made the sunset effect more vivid.


I then thought to myself what if I replaced the building signs with animal warning signs but not just any animals but a unicorn and a dragon.


To do this I put the images into Photoshop and cut round them then pasted them after resizing them. I then saved them as a PNG to my desktop. After going back into after effects I then imported the images into after effects project panel. I then dropped the files into the editing part to make them appear on the video but making sure they were above the footage so they didn’t disappear into the background, I then had to position them in place on top of the work man signs. I thought this would create a more mythical feel to my scene.

I then added mountains to my scene but before doing so I put the mountain photo into Photoshop and cut pieces of it out to suit the style I was going for, I added a watercolour effect to the mountain to make it less clear, to blur the detail to make it look almost like a painting this was to add to the fantasy atmosphere. I saved it from Photoshop and imported it into after effects then I moved it to the editing section and made sure it was displayed behind the video footage but in front of the sky image.

Before the effect3.jpg

After the effect was added


After adding my mountains I wanted to find another image that would spruce up the atmosphere of fantasy and I decided to find a castle related to the look of a Rapunzel themed castle so I looked on google and found the castle I wanted, put it into Photoshop as I needed to edit it first. I flipped the image as I needed it facing my left where as the original image was facing my right, after flipping it I then needed to resize it and lastly I cut round the image to get rid of its original background. I then imported it into after effects and made sure it again was in the middle of the sky and video footage so it showed up on screen.

The castle image before editing


Last but not least I wanted something in the foreground to alter my video more to make it seem like things were really there when their actually not so I found some rose bushes and added them into the bit of the scene covering other street houses that before the edit could be seen in the far background. I think the roses improved the image as the quantity of houses was too much for my scene before hand.

Rose bushes I used before I edited them.


Finally I tested the scene to make sure everything worked and that I didn’t disrupt any of the images within the scene.

As you can see in the image below it worked out quite well, at no point does my head or part of my body intersect the rest of the scene which other then the background being a still image makes the whole scene believable and more realistic.


Something else that I worked hard at doing was to make sure the road signs (mythical creature warning signs) and myself walking didn’t mess up the video, I was worried when I had this idea that me putting an image over something in front of me would make it so my body would disrupt it as I walked past. I avoided this by making sure the white on the boards were painted white and that my images when I imported them fit perfectly into each sign so neither of my images overlapped the board. So this worked out well especially seen as we were advised in class not to put anything where the video moved. But I thought this was a nice step for my scene as again it makes it slightly more believable.











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