Green Screen Practice

When I started this project this was the first time me and half my classmates had ever used a green screen before. Back in college I had used a white and a black screen for photography to get high key and low key photo’s but id never been given the opportunity to participate in creating a video using green screen before.

So when I started I needed practice, We were given a link to where we could take different keying plates from close up to long shot and we could import these onto after effects to practice with.

First I started with my video clip, Imported it into aftereffects.


Then I went to Effects- Key light (1.2)


Then using the dropper I clicked as near to the lady as I could when I’ve got as much black as I can I start changing the Screen Gain and Screen balance until its just black surrounding the lady.


Now its safe to add the background and it should appear as if your subject is where ever you want to place them, For example with this lady I want it to appear as if she’s in a galaxy.


And it worked nicely. As you can see there’s no evidence of black, the black which you put down over green screen is where your image gets placed and this practice worked out really well as you can see the background clearly through her veil.

I repeated the same process for a medium shot one, as you’ll see below:





Changing Screen Gain and Screen Balance


Adding in a beach scene


and for a last practice I practiced the first stages with the long shot footage.

Here is the LINK for the Galaxy practice scene and here is the LINK for the beach practice scene.




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