Creative Futures Week

During the 29th February – 2nd March, I attended lectures on different creative sectors in our current society with my friends. This was very Informative in learning all kinds of areas that I could enter within the Art & Design Industry.

1st Day (29/02/2016) – Prof. Alec Shepley

For our first talk, It was on “the academic of the arts through the head of art & design”. This led into the discussion of future plans of the art & design school here at Glyndwr University. The main things mentioned was to come up with new ideas, express yourself through your own work and prioritise creative working. I found this helpful for knowing how our university is implying the essentials for art students.

1st Day (29/02/2016) – Fran O’ Hara – ‘Brand Me’

In this lecture, we were told about how to “sell yourself” straight away. This was to put into perspective that we are a brand ourselves and “A brand is a promise” to your customers and to believe that “I’m a brand”.  We were given an activity to do which was  write down what we thought of ourselves by separately writing down what our hobbies are,  what our interests are and what our professional skills are. I think this was extremely effective for understanding myself alot more distinctively as what they call “a brand”, so that people know what they will receive from me and my work.

1st Day (29/02/2016) – Rumpus Animation – Small Economy Free-lance

Our last talk of today was about getting to know everything necessary in 3D animation and how to approach this specialism. This involved marketing, developing show ideas, pitching to networks, using app, attending animation exhibitions and festivals.After taking in all this information i feel that i can be more confident when it comes to doing my own animations and i have more of an understanding of the buisness within animation industry and how to create/develop a company in this department.

2nd Day (01/03/2016) – Design Innovation – Shape the Future

This lecture was about how to incorporate innovation and design into the arts. We looked at different products that we use everyday and the exciteing new projects that could become a big thing in the future, These gave us all ideas of what we could achieve in the future. The main points that were made was analysing the commercial success, the services to customers, Branding, changing perception of a design and to understand design language. This could help me have a better idea of product design and maybe help me get into it in the future especially considering they want animators to do the advertiseing of their products.

2nd Day (01/03/2016) – Gaz Thomas – Big Ideas Wales – “My continuing attempts to become an internet millionaire!”

Inthis lecture we looked into game designs, we were told how we could imply the arts into creating online games to generate money. In this lecture i was able to understand how these games were created, how the game concepts work and also how to advertise them round the world. This got my attention at maybe going into this sector in the future or to maybe even produce my own small games one day.

3rd Day (02/03/2016) – Mike Corcoran – Moving Minds

In this lecture we were took trough thinking very deeply in our minds to open up new windows that can be influenences by expressing ourselves more through our own work. This helped me understand that i have more potential and to not put myself down when experiemnting or being limitless when it comes to extending my visions through art. This was implyed through everyday thinking and understanding human cognition. I think this helped me to think beyond my usuall stuff.

3rd Day (02/03/2016) – Samantha Harris – Self-Employment Pros & Cons

This talk was optional and i attended it with my friend due to the fact we thought it may be useful in the future. This lecture had a main focus on how to run your own buisness and how to go into it as a possible career option. Your life can go down many different paths and we were told about the required skills needed for self employment as well as considering how to be prepared if the worst happens. This lecture helped to understand what you will need, what to expect and how to handle situations and to plan ideas. One of the most important pieces of advice was that creativity cant be held back just because your, your own boss or doing your own work.

3rd Day (02/03/2016) – Linda McCarthy – Stop Motion Animation

In this lecture we looked into the method of stop motion animation. This was great information due to the fact we had an up-coming stop motion project to do in university. The main things to be aware of is that stop motion is time-consuming, Preperation is key as in props, back drops, sets in general and using the best type of modelling for all the characters and objects you need. This was great for understanding the essentials and being economic with resources. Experimenting to find the best solution would be handy. McCarthy was very clear in this lecture and showed us everything in a clear direct way.

4th Day (03/03/2016) – Alex Connock – Media: Can you make it?

This lecture was an insight into entering media within the creative industry, Connock went through how art is used in this area and the different conponants which consist of storytelling, generating ideas for TV shows, pitching genres, etc. The vital aspects  is understanding and to gain knowlege of style. After taking all this into consideration, it will be useful when it comes to finding ways of selling ideas.

4th Day (03/03/2016) – Greg David – High-end Animation

The last talk me and my friend attended was about producing high quality animation, what people look for in that industry, how to get employed and what companys are looking for in you. The essentials are to gain experience before applying for jobs, make a portfolio and expand it constantly, Presentation is always key, to be yourself, use technology when you can and first impressions are always important. You only get one chance so make it count and make sure showreels and CV’s are at a high standard as it is a reflexion of you. I found this very informative and i feel more prepared in myself to apply for anaimation companys in the future and how to show myself in the future.

In conclusion to creative futures week, I found it very informative and it prepared me more mentally for the future. I think this week is very important for us as students and i look forward to attending the next one.









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