London Trip: Animation Company visits

On Monday the 22nd, Tuesday the 23rd and Wednesday the 24th  of Febuary my classmates and I went with two tutors down to london via train, On this visit we were visiting several different animation companys. Me and my group visited:


When we arrived we got lead in to a theatre like room and sat down in chairs, Two lady’s came to talk to us as well as one girl who focused in animating.

In 1986 they focused on commercials, music videos and telegraphics. In 1994 the  film visual effects department was established.

They have a motion capture suite on site as well as a VR studio. The founding partners still play an active role and they have a partnership with the third floor.

Recent films they have worked on are;

  • Everest
  • Pan
  • Martian
  • Gravity
  • Paddington (bears)
  • Guardians of the galaxy (racoon)
  • Game of thrones

We also asked about how to take part or find a job there and you can get internships over 8 weeks during the summer, become a runner then get full training and there are level entry roles. To get noticed and offered a place you should keep your showreel, CV and LinkedIn profile up to date and also make sure to use social media. Keep up to date with trends, software, have a good attitude and never give up.

For a showreel they should be approx 1-2 mins long and quality is better then quantity. Focus on level entry roles aswell as chosen specialism, tracking shots and compost roto shots. Try for photo real and include clear breakdowns but dont worry about cutting your reel to music.

In production in the present at framestore they are currently working on;

  • Jungle book
  • Tarzan
  • King Arthur
  • Fantastic Beasts
  • Geostorm
  • Beauty and the beast
  • Dr strange



Blue zoo started as a four man group leaving university. They started off using really old computers. They have worked on things such as;

  • Blue Cow
  • Children animations
  • Adverts
  • Advert for Gumball
  • Muffy

They’d like to see a showreel that is full of stuff you want to do in future, not just what is good because whats good may not be what you really want to focus on. Bluezoo have and have always had a really strong team.

There are four different areas in Bluezoo

  • Creative services: 20 people, not very long projects, they do branding and training.
  • Productions: 45 people, Create new shows, Project new ideas, always generating ideas and make pilot episodes then create tv series.
  • Developments
  • Apps VR: Apps, VR Projects, Music videos and Occlus.

They also worked on the Dynamo Project, Making it in comic book style, made character references, used different styles and went down different paths, they did the storyboarding and chose the comi style with a moody and gritty feel to it. They worked out the different lighting style and animated the references and also did the complex actions and acted them out before animating.

Bluezoo’s most recent show is Digby currently in production, completed 13 episodes so far. Sally Hunter had and idea and asked them to develop it and digby went from being a young male dragon to a young female dragon then back to a male dragon but older as it would be more relateable to the target audience which is to aim for ages 4-6.When creating it rhey dropped the frame rate so it would be more stop motion like.

Bluezoo use

  • Modeling: Z brush, mud and photoshop
  • Animation: Maya
  • Rendering: Solid Angle
  • Compositing: AE
  • Editing: Pr
  • Production: Google Docs, Ftrack, Proof HQ

Summer Placements

  • Job page on their website, twitter and facebook

No internships

They look for

  • Comedy timing
  • Personality characteristics
  • Work out which passion is yours
  • natural animation
  • Try both
  • Keep connections


Lupus is an animation company that make the snowman and the more recent snowman and the snowdog films. The snowman is completely hand drawn and line testing is everything frame by frame then they check it.

They design custom brushes for the lines their after, they look for the quality of line.

They look for people that have amazing skills in life drawing, their employees have to have a keen sense of anatomy and know how a human body moves.

Their new recent production is a adaption of “We’re going on a bear hunt” which was commisioned last summer, they have made an allaborate storyboard and use tv paint, they have roughly 800 panels and then get artists to finish it off.

There are no summer internships and most of the people that work for them are freelance artists, they do long hours and all desks are in use and are very packed.

Theres a massive training scheme and care skills training centre is where they work on some scenes from their films.

To join find creative skill sets, trainee finder and they will take people with less then 2 years of work experience but they must have over a years worth, two references and must of left university in last two years. Go on Hiive and put a profile up and skills.

The snowman and the snowdog was quite quick it took two years to finance, 3 months to storyboard and 6 months to produce, they had to budget wizely.

One of their current productions is called “Hive” and their still selling series 1, dealing with translations and merchandise, Apps.


Astley Baker Davies is the company that has created childrens shows such as Big knights, Pepper Pig and Holly and bens little kingdom. They play to the strength of cell animation, they have a small team and their studio is in a basement, their work is abit like stop motion, they use little movements, they have limited mouth actions. This is a quicker process. Simplicity is part of the challenge and step by step they adjust everything and alot of detail go into each scene. There are running themes that come all the way from Big knights through to pepper pig as well as placements from the series.

Technology seems to expire all the time when they film through the years.

There are six animators, one team leader and a director and they call each other “elves” and they seem to be a friendly group.


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