Global Game Jam

Between 29th Jan and the 1st Feb me and my friends took part in the global game jam, An event that takes place over 48 hours where you get given a theme and have to create a game either on the computer or hand made. The theme we got given was “Ritual”. Me and my friends wanted to create a board game so we got started by going in a room and taking over a table with our laptops and started planning our game with spider diagrams and mood boards, we planned what type of game we wanted, what we wanted it to be based on and how you played it.

It took us 24 hours to plan and start making the card backs, we set our game round a MMO “World of Warcraft” meets “Dungeons and Dragons”. Making the board game have power moves, characters with different unigue skills and certain cards that had good or bad effects on your character and the game.

Above is the individual character cards that you choose at the beginning of the game, you choose what character you want to play and with that character you get their unique character skill card that you can play once during the game, but it has a consequence. Below are the other cards you can use during the game.


On the second night nearing 4:00am me and will started on making the board itself, we wanted the board split into 4 quarters so each main character had their own themed land round their starting area then the actual path you start going up spirals round and round then goes round into a volcano, the aim of the game is to get your character to the top of the volcano first so they can complete their ritual.


We ended up completeing our game 5 mins before the hand in was due but we did it just in time. Our game is called “Good vs. Evil: Enlightment or Sacrifice” and our 4 characters are Draco Dominos who is wanting to get to the top to turn into a demon dragon lord, Eris winterstorm who wants to create an eternal winter, Raylene River who wants to make a ritual to protect all nature and Argal Navar who wants to reserect a loved one.

We really enjoyed this event and are very much looking forward to partisipateing in the next year coming.


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