Manchester Animation Festival

Wednesday the 18th of November, My trip to The first Manchester Animation Festival.


My friends Ellis and Will and I got a train from Wrexham General at 8:00am in the morning, we had to stop off in chester to get the following train which would take us through to Manchester. I fell asleep for most of the journey until I woke up when I heard the woman speaking over the Tannoy announcing that we were coming up to Manchester Oxford platform, As we thought we were to get off at piccadily Manchester we did’nt get off.

Upon arriving at the piccadilly platform we got off and soon realised we’d got off at the wrong platform. It was infact oxford manchester we should of got off which was 5 minutes away from the home centre where the festival was taking place but instead we were 20 minutes away from the home centre so i went into a small tesco’s shop and asked the guy behind the counter how to get to the home centre but he did’nt know, Luckily he was nice enough to let me borrow his phone to research where the centre was. He then told me that there were buses round the corner and that one would take us right to oxford area.

When we finally arrived at oxford area in Manchester we had no idea where to go, But a lad around our age on the bus was polite and told us when we’d reached our destination.  When we were walking up the street to the centre a downfall of rain splatterd across Manchester. Perfect timing.

When we got through the doors of the home centre we were drenched from head to toe and had stares off every dry person in the foye. We went up the stairs to our first lecture.

“How to make friends and Animate”

This talk was extremely interesting, The talkers were;

Merlin Crossingham From Ardman Studio’s


Emma Burch from Simon’s cat


Jon Turner from Tall Tale’s


where they gave us plenty of pointers of how to crowdfund and told us about their projects.

Our second Event was a Short showing of films that different people had made from around the world, they were stop-motion animated or hand drawn, some were 3D.

Our last event was  a showing of Ardman studio’s “Shaun the sheep” Movie. It was brilliant and kept us entertained.

After the last event we headed to oxford train station and waited for our train home.

This trip was very educational but very inspireing and fun too.

I would defiantly recommend the Manchester Animation Festival, they did very well to say it was their first time there. I would however recommend not taking the train in my personal opinion has we had a bad experience trying to get home due to the delays.





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